Building a Strong Workplace Culture

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In today’s workplace, company culture is a major factor in attracting and retaining employees, and a lot of companies are working hard to create an engaging work environment that stands out against the more traditional workplaces and appeals to newer generations.

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Looking after employee mental health

Employers need to become increasingly proactive in terms of addressing mental health issues and encouraging optimum wellbeing among employees. Looking after your staff both physically and mentally will increase the likelihood of them being happy at work and therefore motivated to do well.

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The nine types of employees – and how to motivate them

As a boss, understanding those who work for you and what makes them shine is essential.


Leaders know that if you want staff to be their best, they need the right motivation. Numerous findings confirm that highly engaged employees are more likely to exceed their performance targets. Evidence also suggests that success and happiness is determined by whether your individual motivators are being met, and that’s not necessarily all about money.

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Brexit, recruitment and the big unknown

With Brexit behind us now much uncertainty still remains but there are numerous focal points that recruiters and HR representatives can consider to build a strategy with contingency plans designed to move quickly at the earliest sign of clarity.

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