Do You Have A Sleep Inducing Recruitment Process?

I think we’ve all experienced regret at some point in our lives. You know what I’m talking about… ‘what could have been?’ or ‘if only.'
And it definitely happens when it comes to hiring in the Healthcare Communications sector.
Unfortunately, some Healthcare Communications businesses are actually driving top talent away, and they have no idea why.
How? Well here are some of my favourite ways to literally make top talent run for the hills.

SLEEP INDUCING ADVERTS - An advert should do what it says on the tin... advertise! It should sell the opportunity and the company. Not just display a long list of candidate skills and requirements. Of course it matters that the right people apply for the role, so by all means include some essential requirements, but the right people won’t apply if they fall asleep reading the ad.
‘MENSA MEMBERS ONLY’ RECRUITING PORTALS - If your online recruiting portal takes hours to work through, or you need to be Stephen Hawking to do so, then you are losing a ton of talent before they have even applied. That just doesn’t make sense. Make the process easy and accessible and as short as it can be to get the information you need. You can check with your Applicant Tracking System about how many people leave without completing the process or if you don’t have that facility, check your website analytics to see how many people visit that page, but leave again without taking any action. Make amendments based upon these findings. Definitely worth doing!
NON-HUMAN RESPONSES - When your applicants get generic, computer-raised responses to their application they have no personal attachment to your company. Give them a human touch. If they get a robot response from another company, your approach will set you apart.
STINGY REWARDS - It's pretty simple, you reward your successful people. It is what incentivises them to keep making you money! So changing the goal posts last minute because you think someone is going to earn ‘too much’, or not properly rewarding a successful year, will make people feel not only undervalued but demotivated. Great talent can and will go and earn money for someone else if you don’t look after them.
COMMON SENSE VS PROCESS - Some process is good and of course necessary. But having unnecessary and/or unproductive processes in place, that actually stop people from just being able to get on with their job, can be highly demotivating. Drowning in gratuitous processes will make your talent go take a dip somewhere else.
UNCONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM - Encouragement and inspiration are key qualities in a leader. They create an atmosphere in which talent can thrive. Belittling, nit picking and criticising makes for a very negative and unpleasant atmosphere. Who can work like that? Did you know that approval and recognition (not monetary) from management is actually rated as one of the main reasons people want to do their job well? Your talent will stay if you create a place where they feel respected, empowered and valued.
IS THAT THE END OF YOUR NOSE OR …………… -Watching someone spectacularly suck up to the boss is very uncomfortable for most people, not to mention annoying. However, many organisations actually have this culture. If you have talent who think outside of the box, ask tough questions, put a different spin on things, this can be invaluable! Don’t go for those who agree with everything you say. They are bringing nothing new, just massaging your ego, and well, there is no skill in that. Your top talent absolutely should mix things up at times, offer different solutions to problems, and provide alternative insights. You should provide a culture where they feel they can contribute. Don’t stifle them, as they will find a company where they can impact.

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