Is now the time to get the balance right?

Are you looking for a Healthcare Communications role that is more flexible and suits the life you want more than the present work, work, work routine?
We partner with some amazing clients who have realised the benefits of offering roles that have more balance and integration between work and home demands.

They know that when employees feel more in control of their working life the positives are huge and can include:
• a happier, less stressed workforce
• improvements in employee health and well-being
• a more positive perception of the employer

Which in turn leads to:
• greater employee commitment, loyalty and motivation
• increased productivity
• lower absenteeism & associated costs
• a reduction in staff turnover and recruitment costs
• the company becomes recognised as a company people want to work for so can attract top talent, further contributing to increased quality & productivity

If you want to achieve a better balance then please do contact me so we can discuss what you are looking for.

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