Is your current job a comfy slipper?

How long have you been in your current position?
Does it tick all your boxes for what you want from a role?
Everyone’s’ boxes are different but if it doesn’t tick most of them are you looking for new opportunities?
If not, why not? Are you just doing the job day in, day out without knowing your options while the days, weeks or years role by?

For some people their job has become like a comfy slipper – you are stuck in the routine, you know the job/company/people and it is just ‘comfortable’. But what will you say to yourself in a few years time when you are still in the same role?
If you are happy, most of your boxes are ticked or you are not worried about the boxes which aren’t ticked then fine but for the people who dream of a different, better, more fulfilling role then this is for you, read on ….
We connect leading industry talent in healthcare communications with market leaders. We aim to be your ‘Progression Partner’, to invest in you and take the time to understand your career path. Your search consultant will know you, your aspirations, drivers and career objectives and will champion you as an individual when speaking to leading Healthcare Communications agencies.
As a top performing Healthcare Communications professional, you have specialist skills, knowledge and experience that leading businesses need and we have knowledge and depth of the industry to find you the best role.
Is it time to get re-energized in a new environment, take on a new challenge with a higher income?
Is it time to get some new slippers?
If you would like to have an informal chat to understand more about the present market and the opportunities available then please do email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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