No... Don't Stop!

With the Brexit still just around the corner and the government squabbles and resignations creating even more instability and uncertainty, you may be tempted to put your hiring activities on hold…. But hold that thought, because all of the reasons you can think of for putting things on hold, are actually reasons to do just the opposite.

Business is about activity and regardless of the climate. Less activity, or worse, no activity at all, is never going to help you; you’ll just end up with business paralysis which is very likely to be the actual cause of any uncertainty or instability, i.e. it will be a self-fulfilling prophesy.
In an already competitive and candidate driven market, your need to be able to attract and secure the very best Healthcare Communications talent has become even more crucial over the last few weeks or so.
Think about it, you’re far more likely to be able to connect with and attract the attention of great potential Healthcare Communications candidates, because you will be doing the exact opposite from everyone else.
You can thrive or you can survive… It’s worth thinking about isn’t it?
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