When it comes to hiring leading Healthcare Communications professionals, you might be surprised to know that they have most of the power.
Economic recovery after the recession is on-going and unemployment rates are declining resulting in fewer candidates for open positions within the sector. Hiring Managers are having to work really hard to fill their jobs. This is unlikely to improve anytime soon, and with the upcoming retirement of the baby boomer generation, the workforce will become smaller still.
In addition, increasing scarcity of good talent in the Healthcare Communications sector means that the candidates have options. This means that they’re not likely to participate in a hiring process that doesn’t value their effort and time. 

A candidate recently shared an experience with me where she had been asked to interview with a leading Healthcare Communications company. The feedback from the company was really positive; they asked her to come in again and to prepare and deliver a presentation. This candidate invested a significant amount of time and effort, not to mention the expense of travel and accommodation for each interview, only to be told that although they would love to have her in their business, they didn’t have a role for her at that time. How very disappointing and frustrating!
She also told me that at the first interview she was kept waiting for 40 minutes and no reason or apology was given for the delay!
This Healthcare Communications Company failed to act in an honest and transparent way and due to her experience, the candidate will never consider joining them, even in the future. She will go on and inevitably interview with their competitors and I’m sure she’ll be snapped up. I am also sure that she will undoubtedly share her unfortunate experience with this Healthcare Communications Company and with others…
I quote her words ‘ if that’s the way they treat people at interview I hate to think what they are like to work for!’
More and more companies are experiencing candidates literally abandoning their applications in favour of other opportunities, due to their feelings about a hiring process. I am sure you can appreciate the challenges this can cause you.
If you would like to have a brief chat, I would be happy to share some simple, but effective steps you can take to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.
If you want to discuss some of the challenges you are currently facing when hiring top talent for your Healthcare Communications business and how engaging a specialist can add to your bottom line then please do give me a call.


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