The Reality Is…

Have you ever wondered why your peers always seem to be able to land the best jobs?
Well it's not a coincidence… and it’s not luck! It’s critical to be selected for interview in the first place … and that’s based on the strength of your CV.

They know exactly what to have on their CV and perhaps more importantly... exactly what NOT to have on their CV.

Over the years I have been asked to provide additional insight and guidance specifically within the Healthcare Communications market space on how a CV can be improved, to subsequently increase career prospects.


If you would like some advice I can help you with all areas of CV writing including:
• Common misconceptions about CV writing that hamper your potential to get an interview
• What your CV should include to ensure you don’t get sifted out straight away
• What people with hiring responsibility are really looking for, you might be surprised
• The big CV mistakes and how to avoid them
• Cover letters? Do you, don’t you?


Please do feel free to contact me.

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