To Degree Or NOT To Degree?

From time to time I have found myself in a very frustrating situation…… HR departments who insist that all candidates have a science degree.
We are not talking graduate intake here. We are talking extremely well seasoned Healthcare Communications superstars, proven and unbelievably successful for an extremely senior position, but there’s a problem ….. one particular candidate who stands out a mile from the rest… doesn’t have a science degree!

This is where is gets frustrating for us expert talent hunters in the industry. At this point, we may not be dealing with the hiring manager as he or she is being protected, and by protected, I mean by a set of rules that are so inflexible and devoid of common sense that I want to put my head out of the window and scream very loudly.
It reminds me of when I studied Shakespeare at A-Level, and my particular favourite play, 'Measure for Measure', which discusses the difference between justice without mercy, justice based solely on mercy, and the happy medium that is needed to properly run a government. Shakespeare is profoundly concerned with the impact on a human being of abstract justice when the rigours of the law are applied by a Zealot.
There are many reasons why someone who is perfect for a role and has the right experience, doesn’t have a science degree.
Black and white thinking is not a good process to follow if you want the best people for a role.
There are those who think there’s only one path, and who think that if you skip a step on the path, then it doesn’t matter if you’re now 20 steps beyond it; you still for some reason need to go back and do that step from years ago, even though that step was intended to help you get where you already are now.
If you have an internal process that doesn’t consider the experience of your talent partner or respect that they won’t put someone forward that isn’t going do the job right then you are probably not working with the right partner …..
If you want to work with the right partner who will always send you relevant profiles but can think outside of the box and measure ability and traits against the rules, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
If you would like to discover more about attracting and hiring the very best Healthcare Communications superstars, please give me a call.